In the last many years, Bengal’s traditional handloom sector has been struggling given the changing consumer preferences and rise of power looms. Covid has made the situation even worse, severely impacting the lives and livelihoods of these skilled weavers.
This Pujo, Bengal’s heritage brand ‘Sunlight’ has embarked on a mission to add back colors to the lives of these weavers who have been adding so many colors to our lives.
Sunlight with Parama Calcutta is proud to launch our first exclusive collection, where Parama has collaborated with traditional weavers from five major handloom clusters of West Bengal. She has blended traditional motifs with her signature style, inspired from Bengali literature, classic films, extraordinary women and the majestic beauty of Bengal to create this vibrant collection.
We thank you for visiting our website and we encourage you to extend your generous support for our weaver friends. May the weavers’ lives stay colorful forever.

থাকুন চির-রঙীন !
Team Sunlight X Parama Calcutta


Bijay Bhar

Satya Das

Balaram Ghorui

Suvojit Singo

Sanat Singha

Ratan Paul

Bablu Biswas

Archana Saha

Sourav Basak

Subhash Dey

Asit Pramanik

Dilip Pramanik