Stories of mother and child


Every piece of garment is a story on fabric.

"When I first interacted with Shree, I came to know that we have become mothers exactly one month apart. We bonded. Not over being 'new mothers' and sleepless nights."

Shree Ghatak Muhury is the Chairperson of Troyee Foundation - an organisation that constantly works for emancipation of marginalised LGBTIQA+ community, the aged and homeless children. She is also one of the chief members of West Bengal Transgender Person Developing Board (Department of Women's and Child Development and Social Welfare) and the Vice Chairperson of Indian Human Rights Organisation. She is a model, actor and skin care specialist. She has acted in Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee's film "Season's greetings" and in Rahul Sankirtyan's Telugu film-Shyam Singha Roy. She has now embarked on one of her most beautiful roles - Motherhood.

Shree has become a mother exactly two months back. And what a delight it is to hear her Ma-Chhana stories through the lens.

The woman with two hearts

On the day I was getting admitted to deliver my baby, a friend had said, “The weight you have been carrying in your womb for nine months will be transferred to your heart from tomorrow - a lifetime of beautiful weight.” This is one of the most profound things I had ever heard from someone. And I wanted to express it in my own way on a garment. From the inception to its birth - we have embroidered a child - how it starts as an embroyo and how its weight moves from the womb to our heart. We have placed the stages to visually represent that journey. One of our most emotional creations - the womb to heart saree.

- parama

Liquid gold !

“I have been sleepless for years. I never had a sound sleep. After my son is born, I sleep so well!”

KINTSUGI This blouse is a tribute to the ancient art form of Japan where broken pieces of pottery are joined with liquid gold. Pieces of fabric in our studio, stitched into a blouse - where nothing goes waste. We joined them with golden thread. The cracks filled with gold - and the pieces got a new life. This one is also a tribute to all of us who have broken parts of ourselves joined by the touch of someone we love. We celebrate her motherhood... because for some mothers, it wasn't easy to begin with.

DAUHRIDINI The woman with two hearts. It is a special team in Ayurvedic texts for a pregnant woman. This is our tribute to all women with two hearts - whether she is biologically pregnant or has conceived a child in her mind, with her soul. We feel all mothers, the moment she has “conceived” the thought of her child is Dauhridini. And she wears her heart on her sleeves. It is that thought from which our Dauhridini blouse was born. There are two overlapping hearts - worn on the sleeves. To hearts. We have exquisitely embroidered double hearts (three sets on each sleeve) to celebrate the tales of motherhood. Done of handwoven black jamdani, we have used ari, zardousi, french knots and sequin work to embroider each heart. The blouse has beautiful lace details on yolk and sleeves and neck.

ICHCHE (THE WISH) “Janma katha” by Rabindranath Tagore

When the child asked his mother where from he has come, the mother replies that he was conceived in her mind as a “Wish”. This saree is dedicated to children born from the heart - out of a dream, out of a desire. To babies who might not be womb-born but conceived in dreams. We have hand embroidered the lines of Tagore’s poetry all along the length of the saree in the middle portion of the saree. Inspired from the poetry “Janma katha” by Rabindranath Tagore, this saree depicts the story of how a child is born in his mother’s mind.

“খোকা মাকে শুধায় ডেকে--

‘এলেম আমি কোথা থেকে,

কোন্‌খানে তুই কুড়িয়ে পেলি আমারে।'

মা শুনে কয় হেসে কেঁদে

খোকারে তার বুক বেঁধে--

"ইচ্ছা হয়ে ছিলি মনের মাঝারে।”

Celebrating Motherhood

Life, you beautiful thing!